Filipino Abroad Remittance Corner: SSS Business Loan

SSS Business Loan

The SME Unified Lending Opportunities for National Growth (SULONG) Program by government financial institutions (GFIs) designed to give small and medium enterprises (SMEs) greater access to short and long term funds. The program has a total fund allocation of P100 Million. The program has a total fund allocation of P100 million.

How can an SSS member avail himself of the loan program?

The loan facility is available thru SSS-accredited participating financial institutions (PFIs)/banks which will on-lend the fund to eligible borrowers for financing.
For what purposes may the loan be used?

The loan may be used for the following purposes:
For Short-term loans:
• Export financing (Export Packing Credit)
• Temporary Working Capital
For Long-term loans:
• Purchase of equipment
• Building construction
• Purchase of lot
• Permanent working capita
Who may borrow under the program?

Eligible borrowers shall be existing private enterprises with the following qualifications:
• enterprises in all industries except trading of imported goods, liquor, cigarettes, and extractive industries like mining or quarrying;
• are at least 60 per cent Filipino owned;
• enterprises with asset size of not more than P100 million, excluding land;
• have positive income for the previous year. If the previous year's income is negative, the average income of the past 2 or 3 years should be positive;
• have debt-to-equity ratio of not more than 80:20 after financing, or 70:30 if borrower is a franchisee;
• are SSS member-employers of good standing.
How much is the loanable amount?

For short-term loans, the program can fund up to 70% of the value of the Letters of Credit or Purchase Order for export packing, or 70% of the working capital requirement up to P5.0 million.
For long-term loans, the program can fund up to 80% of the incremental cost, up to a maximum of P5.0 million.
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