The Philippines was ranked 10th in a list of top emigration countries which also included Mexico, India, Russia, China, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

It also ranked 10th in the top migration corridors with emigrants going to the United States.Do you want to know the latest conversation of your desired currency?

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As of this year the Philippines had a total of 4.28 million emigrants, accounting for 4.6% of its population. Top destinations were the US, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Italy, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. -- Jo Javan A. Cerda

M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala How to Send Money

Hundreds of remittance centers around the world have a commitment to assist individuals sending their financial assistance with their families back in the country. One of the most preferred remittance centers in the country is M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala. Satisfaction of the service is their first choice.

Sending money at M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala gives convenience where you can send money in a matter of minutes. This is what M Lhuillier Group of Companies like to uphold in serving Filipinos across the country as well as abroad.

M Lhuillier  Kwarta Padala is aware of this need, and decided to tie up in different remittance centers abroad to make the remittance of our kababayan easy and fast.

M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala How to Send Money  
M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala How to Send Money Photo Credit:Wikipedia

 Listed below are the steps provided by M LhuillIer website on how to send money from abroad back home to the Philippines:

STEP 1 : Go to any M Lhuillier Remittance Partner in your area. (Please check our list of corporate remittance partners)

STEP 2 : Advise operator that you are going to send money to the Philippines and should be picked up by the beneficiary at any M Lhuillier branch.

STEP 3 : Although the money you send can be claimed at any M Lhuillier branch, it is best to inquire if there is an available MLhuillier branch nearest the beneficiary for the latter’s convenience. (Please check our list of branches if needed).

STEP 4 : To avoid inconveniences and delay in claiming the remittance at M Lhuillier, in providing names with the operator, please be sure that the name of the beneficiary (recipient) is exactly the same name as that written on his/her identification (ID) card. Include the full name with the middle name and include such titles as Jr., Sr., II, III and the like. Avoid using nicknames.

STEP 5 : You will be given a receipt with the reference/control number and the other details of your transaction.

STEP 6 : Contact your beneficiary/recipient and give the following details:

a) Reference/Control Number
b) Sender’s Name
c) Amount Sent or net amount to be received by the beneficiary/recipient
d) Password (If there is any)
e) Name of remittance partner used for sending the money
f) The need for the beneficiary/recipient to bring a valid ID to claim the money


If you have further questions  about these guidelines, you can contact any M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala affiliated centers in your nearest overseas remittance centers.

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Do you want to know the latest foreign exchange rate in the Philippines?

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